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I’ve always wondered why mainstream culture hides the spiritual meaning of life. Why aren’t more people shouting from the rooftops what existence is all about, in a way that isn’t tied to old systems of exclusivity or violence – in a way that helps every human in a body? Instead, we have to search through veiled mystery and uncertainty. We question ourselves while feeling very alone in our questioning.

I believe that this is not by accident. We have been taught to follow systems that keep our eyes on the ground and our minds preoccupied with squabbling. And so, religions go to war with each other and perpetuate violence in the name of God. They raise us to look down upon more peaceful, indigenous cultures that celebrate the spiritual.

While I embrace the truth in all religions, I feel that our deep connection to God has been obscured. We need only look at how women have historically been treated for proof. We can look further at the western world too. When reincarnation was taken out of the Bible so that we wouldn’t believe in second chances, we lived in fear of personal extinction and did as instructed to save ourselves. This took most all of our energy. It took our inherent freedom away.

When authority labeled us as sinners, we forgot our loving power and became repentant subjects. But making God’s children loathe themselves does not respect God. A lifetime of begging for forgiveness will never allow us to spiritually grow. If only we knew the truth.

We have been asleep for a long time. The amnesia of life and of our conditioning can feel debilitating, but some would argue that searching is a required part of life – that coming out of the darkness is the natural evolution of consciousness. In the end, we might say the unfolding is perfect.

But I think it’s time to help each other by sharing information in bolder ways. Now I see many wise and loving people doing this, and it is exciting! For example, many are sharing the compassionate teachings of Jesus in ways that don’t preach or exclude, or incite wars. But I also see some spiritual teachers perpetuating the hierarchy of the ego. I see media figures hiding their truth with trepidation. And I notice people (including myself) remaining quiet in conservative surroundings. Our world still suffers from a limiting mindset that scoffs at the great beyond.

In his movie Hereafter, Clint Eastwood refers to this as “The Conspiracy of Silence.”  Indeed, the mass silence is deafening. Time is of the essence, and I want to see more courageous truth. I believe that we must break through our residual fears of not conforming and bravely say that life is spiritual.

What I want to share most is that our souls do not die at death. We are eternal, spiritual beings experiencing lifetimes on earth. When we are living here, we can feel very separate from the incredibly loving place that we come from  – a blissful place where we are more alive than here. We become fearful in this human world and forget that joyous sense of complete belonging and love. Each one if us is so incredibly special to God, and rediscovering this about ourselves is our spiritual journey.

What I want to say to each of you is, make your wise voice heard! Shout out loud how you feel about this experiment of life. Tell the world what it needs to know and speak the truth within you, as a completely free person. We need your unique and essential voice, your talents, your beauty, and passion. I am so grateful to be on this journey with you.

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