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I have learned to recognize my ego “voice” that pops up in my life. It is an immediate, almost involuntary message in my head that competes and compares, and sees people in terms of hierarchy. My ego believes in looking right most of all, and it is sneakily reassuring. Having awareness of this voice has been a revelation in my life.

The ego creates a self that feels completely separate from others. It forgets the unity that we come from. The ego takes individuality to a destructive level, igniting arguments and defensiveness. It suffers from a lack of compassion, and I shudder at what we often do for it – how we sweep people aside to feel momentarily superior. The key word is momentarily, because the ego lives in a tent that collapses. It needs to be propped up with most of our precious energy. It will never shelter us from the storms of life.

Spiritual teacher Christine Day writes: “the ego mind is incredibly limited; it is motivated to keep you in survival mode. When you are in survival mode, the full motivation connected to decision-making is through fear, lack and struggle, and these motivations are entirely connected into the illusion of third dimensional reality.” This cycle keeps one “constantly limited in your ability to create.” It doesn’t help that society’s controlling systems support the ego. But Day tells us that we can reconnect with our powerful hearts, and they can guide us out of the mire. Our hearts can help us build the lives we long for.

Longing is separation. It is feeling perpetually unsatisfied because we have forgotten our true selves. So often, we rely on the ego to make ourselves feel better, but it never will. You see, it can’t provide you with self-love.

You ego will always feel a need to prove that you are worthy, but you deserve to be loved just the way you are, and your soul knows this. Your ego will prompt you to run a grueling race, and as soon as you cross the finish line, it will ask you how you’re going to prove yourself tomorrow. It will never satisfy you.

Your ego loves to spin “stories” from the past that distract you and keep you working on its behalf. It wants you to be who you are not and to “win,” but there is nothing to win anyway. What you gain has no lasting value, just a fleeting fight to feel superior. I think this is where violence begins. I have noticed that my ego wants things that I don’t and is unaware of the choices my soul has made. I used to define my ego as my desire to be special, but now I see that we are all already special.

The task is to recognize the ego’s cry for love and then to act with love. When the ego feels weak, it lashes out to defend all that it identifies with. When a peer tells us about a personal accomplishment, the ego reacts with jealousy. It feels that another has something we don’t. In both of these situations, we simply need to be more loving to ourselves and to others.

I want to see a world where we cheer each other on through life’s deeper issues instead of competing at the surface; where we are aware of the ego’s thirst for personal gain that never fulfills and choose instead to reach spiritually higher.

Up until now, the ego has served its purpose. It has protected humanity through the survival mode of the past, but now it is time to take back control. We can thank the ego for helping us to function in the world, but now we get to be in charge.

Now, we are evolving beyond the ego. We are blossoming into authentic spiritual power. The truth is that we are so much more magnificent than we often think – than all we have built our lives around. Each of us is beautifully, divinely unique, and there is nothing to compare, ever.

I think most of us do this to see if we are “normal” – if we fit in and are on the “right” track, but when we compare anything, we make it less special than it is. And, if we simply follow the inner guidance of our soul and pay attention to how we feel, we will be steered perfectly through life. If we operate from our hearts and our souls, we will create our highest dreams.

You are a glowing universe unto yourself, limitless and eternal, and at the same time you are one with everything. Without the ego in charge, joy reveals itself to be right here at your fingertips. You find what you have been missing – unconditional love and presence. You remember who you really are, and you are free.

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Ego Society

The following is why I believe humanity experiences so much conflict. Here’s to liberating ourselves!

We have been navigating our way through this human experience with tremendous obstacles. Indeed, the conditions have been exceedingly treacherous here! It has been very distorted on this planet for ages, and there have been immense shadows that we’ve been battling with.

Of course, the existence of darkness on our planet makes sense. Duality requires both light and dark in order to manifest. But there also exists a collective ego or shadow side of civilization. And it has saturated our very behavior.

We’ve been conditioned by this shadow side since birth, and it has led to unnatural conflict. This shadow operates just like our own egos. It teaches elitist attitudes that support those at the absolute top – those who have authoritative control. Their rules are enforced by little and big fears that restrict us, such as safety and money issues. Such fears perpetuate our obedience.

We’ve been conditioned to follow systems that keep us unaware, distracted, and docile. For example, fluoride was added to our drinking water because it disconnects us from our spiritual reality. When we regularly consume fluoride, the pineal gland in the human body becomes calcified, and this cuts off our connection to the divine. It dumbs us from our own power. This makes it very hard for us to wake up and challenge those who control the money on our planet and perpetuate starvation and war.

You see, the uber elite make us fight their wars for them, and so we die for their power. They divide us so that we are not united, and we suffer in separation. The uber elite demonstrate again and again that they do not honor the sanctity of life. And they teach us hierarchy so that we mimic along.

This kind of manipulation has been going on for so long that we really have to turn things upside down to see it. Domination is so ingrained in our society, and in our DNA, to the point where we even try to control each other, as a child might imitate a bossy parent, and far worse.

I see the ramifications of this shadow behavior everywhere, and to me, it explains so much. I think our fixation with celebrity is a good, mild example of how we’ve been trained to revere money and fame – things that have no value to our loving and limitless nature, all in order to perpetuate hierarchy.

A more dramatic example of shadow behavior is how women have historically been treated. If we followed our natural  divinity, we would never disrespect more than half of all humans in a demeaning and often violent manner. We have been out of balance for ages.

Our souls come from a purely loving place that is so incredibly different from humanity’s shadow, and that is why life on earth is so full of conflict. We are living in a world that goes against our benevolent core, and carrying learned negativity as we try to navigate our way. Most of us have been taught that we are separate from each other and from everything, including God. From an early age, we are taught to restrict, judge, punish, and please. We are told to conform to society through rule-following as we control our piles of scarcity and compete with one another. It’s a poor replacement for the truth – that we intrinsically belong to an abundant universe. We are direct aspects of God and are powerfully connected to all of creation. But we’ve been intentionally denied our natural power. What has strengthened in its place are our conditioned egos. These are the shadows that we each carry in ourselves.

To realize this is ultimately a liberating experience. I now feel much more free from the questionable rules all around me, especially knowing that I have a direct link to the loving laws of the universe. Fortifying spiritual connection is essential to transcending the human condition. This is our built-in navigation system, called our highest intuition or Higher Self, and it gives us our power back.

In addition, if we acknowledge and even embrace our individual and collective shadows, we are able to heal them. This is crucial and allows us to move forward with love. If we recognize the conditioned fears of our violent past, we can transcend them with compassion.

Right now, we are going through a collective healing of our conditioning. We can help each other and ourselves through this process with kindness. By following the loving and uplifting feelings of our true nature, we are able to dwell in the light, positive side of our world. Indeed, fortifying our positive reality is paramount. And the good news is that the light side of our world is far stronger and growing stronger still as we evolve.

I think the butterfly portrays it best. We are waking up from the cocoons of conformity, and breaking free to rebuild a humanity that finally reflects the soul. As we take flight, our unique and crucial gifts are unveiled in all their glorious colors and patterns. And finally, we are free.

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