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Hello dear friends! I’m so excited to begin sharing the spiritual with you here.

The most recent spiritual theme for me is going with the flow and being open to the natural unfolding of things, instead of trying to resist or control them. This is about making oneself available to experience the spontaneous magic of life, where we are free from self-made constraints. That is, letting go of the grip.

This theme unfolded for me while reading Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents” – a timely gift from my dear friend Charlotte. Deepak writes, “Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease… with carefreeness, harmony, and love. When we harness these forces, we create (spiritual) success with the same effortless ease.” He goes on to discuss the importance of believing that anything is possible, and champions working with an attitude of joy and creativity. This is much like the zone an artist feels while creating passionately. Adding to the idea of harnessing the forces of nature, my dear friend Francoise recently told me about hiring your angels to help you in life, by simply asking for their assistance.

This new information was put through a mini test while I anticipated traveling home in a snow storm. Normally, I would have re-booked flights and scrambled to prepare, all the while worrying nonstop. I like to know the plan, be prepared, and be safe. This time, I decided to put my desire for control aside and trust the universe (something that my dear husband is so good at.).

So I asked the angels for help with our little travel plans, and I maintained positive, heartfelt thoughts throughout the days before our return home. I repeated “everything will work out well,” and ignored fearful predictions from the news. I fully gave in to flow.

Well dear friends, it worked! Everything unfolded in a safe and joyful flight home. We experienced many caring strangers, an extremely rare upgrade in seats, and even bumped into a close friend (who is a pilot) riding on our plane. It turned out that he was helping to organize the flight. Deep down, I knew the angels had been hired when I saw his face. Best of all, our son got to sit in the captain’s seat in the cockpit! We found out that our flight was meant to be canceled, but somehow never was. We ended up being one of the only planes to land in icy Atlanta, which had shut down completely that night.

But, we still had the seemingly impossible drive home. The newly iced highways had a feel of armageddon, and let me be honest, I was scared, people. No snowy roads ever looked so bad. I faced some fears that night, mostly revolving around our precious children in the back seat, but, I heard from within, “be a passenger and have faith.” I put myself completely in the hands of the universe on that never-ending drive (and my amazing husband without 4wd!) and I let go.

I know it was just a ride from the airport, but it felt dramatic. It felt incredibly alive and present, and I experienced an inner assurance of safety that transcended physical circumstances. Needless to say, we finally reached our skating rink, I mean driveway, and our beloved, house-bound pets in need. It felt impossible to be home. It kind of was.

I woke up the next morning revitalized and liberated from some old patterns of fear and control (“safe” has been a popular mantra of mine.). I was full to the brim with energy and gratitude. My faith in help from above is forever strong from my little adventure, and with all my runaway fears about our future, it is warmly welcome.

I think going with the flow is about being on a higher frequency where love replaces fear, where joy and play abound, and where anything is possible. My dear friend Donna had a similar travel story during this snow storm, and we both want to stay in that higher frequency. One of my New Year resolutions is to practice flow as much as possible and choose a higher frequency always. So let’s go with the flow amazing friends!

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