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Lately, I am trying to make more eye contact. I am trying to look into the eyes of everyone I encounter instead of shying away from them. And I am noticing that I sometimes hide from fully engaging with people. I resist looking into people’s eyes because the intensity can feel too personal and bare. And sometimes, I’m simply taking people for granted.

When I look into another’s eyes, I think our “oneness” becomes obvious. But it can feel awkward because we are living these separate lives. We are all hurrying to get our human tasks accomplished. We are making money in semi-survival mode. And this makes it difficult to live in the moment, mindful of each other.

But, we all want to slow down and be more present. We want to feel more connected to each other. Eye contact helps us do this.

There is a biblical passage from Matthew that says: “Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light.” I want to feel this every day and fully connect with others on the soul level. I want to get out of my head and enjoy more of the magic exchanges of living. I want to flow with the river of life instead of struggling on the banks of separation.

I am trying to show reverence for each human being I meet throughout the day by looking into their eyes with gratitude for our meeting. When I do, I notice the undeniable power shining through their eyes. If we all made meaningful, loving eye contact, I think this would be a very different world.

We’re often taught to look up or down at people, but we are equals, and the eyes reveal this. They dissolve any imagined hierarchy. For example, I find it interesting that we’re not allowed to look directly into the eyes of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, because it would reveal that our souls are equally powerful.

Our eyes are indeed powerful, revealing our unmistakable life-force within. If we use our eyes with love, our experience opens wide to the spiritual. For if you have ever had a “God moment,” you know that God is looking out through your unique perspective, experiencing creation.

As healer Maxine Taylor says, “If you want to see God, look in the mirror.” I think our eyes are more than windows to the soul – they are windows to God.

Looking into each other’s eyes is a mindful exercise that aligns spiritual connection, shows reverence for each other, and lets us experience presence and beauty. I feel it is a conscious way to raise consciousness. To me, it says, “I see you, and we are sacred.”

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Why are we all rushing around at a fever pitch these days? I am losing hours I used to have, and I know that you don’t have time to read this post! What is going on, and what is time anyway? Here are my thoughts that begin with a personal story.

When I was a child, I was haunted by the concept of eternity. I was consumed by the idea that time would go on and on, without an end in sight. This thinking terrified me late at night for many years. Not until early adulthood did I realize that time as we’ve been taught to know it is an artificial measurement. Finally, my fears were erased.

You see, I had been scared by an idea because it’s very nature was fake. No wonder I’d been afraid. The truth is that we’ve been brought up to make clocks run our lives. Most of us only know this way of living, and think about it – is there any more dominating authority? But I believe that time is an artificial system – a left brain creation that has been imposed upon us. And get this, we don’t need it.

Heaven helps to explain this. In her extraordinary book, With Love & Light, medium Jamie Butler calls the blissful place that our souls come from “Home.” And she explains that “time is a man-made element and Home is a timeless place.” We have no mental grasp of just how vast, joyful, and limitless the world we come from is, and how free it is from the limits of time.

To lose time’s control over us is liberating. Mayan elder Carlos Barrios writes that we must seize a better life now by “slowing down and spending more time playing with our children instead of rushing headlong to nowhere. ” I think that we are meant to experience life as children do, or Nature and the animals, who live in the present moment. They follow natural cycles instead of being slaves to measurement.

Our indigenous cultures have been trying to tell us that this is how we find peace and freedom. The Mayan Calendar is a far more harmoniously accurate record to live by than our uniform hours, days, and years that have no relation to Nature. It is time to get back to nature and shed the shackles of time.

But time is appearing to speed up right now, and it’s all part of humanity’s accelerating evolution. We are in the midst of a great shift, and so we are perceiving fewer “hours” in the day. Things will keep appearing to race forward like a corkscrew spiral, so hang on – it’s going to get worse! But, there is a giant, positive reason why all of this is happening.

We need to finally let go of what doesn’t serve us and live in the present moment. The ridiculous pace that we’re experiencing is screaming at us to put the silliness down and find what truly has meaning in our lives. It’s like the universe is telling us to get off this crazy ride and be who you really are. At some level I think we all know this, as more and more meaningless details are piled onto our plates every day, many of them by our own technology. So finally, we are being forced to find what really matters for each of us.

Time as we’ve known it is changing. We are experiencing things like the higher dimensions, which are fluid and intuitive rather than linear and sequential. Things are becoming spiraling and multi-dimensional. This is helping us to let go of our limiting conditioning.

So now I’m looking at these rapid times as a great tool to help me evolve – to sort out what I truly care about and live it. I guess at the end of the day, like others, I’ve had to march to the beat of my own drum, and that’s something that feels very right, albeit a little lonely for now. Not that I’m immune to the rapid pace lately, and not that I don’t still check what time it is to do my job each day, but life is feeling quite magical. And so, I am trying to ignore the clock and follow the natural rhythms of the body, of nature and the stars. And I want to follow my new definition for living, and that is that experience is simply, and perfectly, blossoming moments of creation.

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The thawing time between winter and spring seems so fitting to share this post on beginning again. In winter, we internalize, and in spring we awaken to externalize once more. To me, this means that I stop thinking so much and start doing again, and somewhere in between, I find myself simply being. With this in mind, I am pausing my search for truth and focusing on feeling what I already know. My quest for spiritual information, and my passion to communicate that information, cannot embody one of the fundamental aspects of spirituality – that ultimately the spiritual cannot be experienced or expressed in words. The journey is about finding the divine within and simply being in that blissful place of knowing.

Spiritual teacher Amethyst Freeman shares her quest: “Several years ago I became very tired of the search for truth and I thought to myself, I am throwing everything out, all my beliefs about everything. As I had that thought I felt this warm surge through my heart and being and then feelings of absolute bliss. I walked around in bliss for three days and it made me realize that ‘love’ and complete trust in God is the true path to enlightenment, happiness and peace.”

I’d like to throw out all of the instructions and simply, intuitively go within. One of my favorite places to do this is outside in nature, sitting in the rising sunlight. I am reminded of an empowering comment from my dear friend Francoise on this blog: “What I realize is that we already are ‘Light.’ We don’t have to try to get there or become it.”

I still believe sharing spiritual information is imperative as we navigate through life and wake up to who we really are. But, I’m going to revisit that place where we already are everything, without words and without want.

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Hello dear friends! I’m so excited to begin sharing the spiritual with you here.

The most recent spiritual theme for me is going with the flow and being open to the natural unfolding of things, instead of trying to resist or control them. This is about making oneself available to experience the spontaneous magic of life, where we are free from self-made constraints. That is, letting go of the grip.

This theme unfolded for me while reading Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents” – a timely gift from my dear friend Charlotte. Deepak writes, “Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease… with carefreeness, harmony, and love. When we harness these forces, we create (spiritual) success with the same effortless ease.” He goes on to discuss the importance of believing that anything is possible, and champions working with an attitude of joy and creativity. This is much like the zone an artist feels while creating passionately. Adding to the idea of harnessing the forces of nature, my dear friend Francoise recently told me about hiring your angels to help you in life, by simply asking for their assistance.

This new information was put through a mini test while I anticipated traveling home in a snow storm. Normally, I would have re-booked flights and scrambled to prepare, all the while worrying nonstop. I like to know the plan, be prepared, and be safe. This time, I decided to put my desire for control aside and trust the universe (something that my dear husband is so good at.).

So I asked the angels for help with our little travel plans, and I maintained positive, heartfelt thoughts throughout the days before our return home. I repeated “everything will work out well,” and ignored fearful predictions from the news. I fully gave in to flow.

Well dear friends, it worked! Everything unfolded in a safe and joyful flight home. We experienced many caring strangers, an extremely rare upgrade in seats, and even bumped into a close friend (who is a pilot) riding on our plane. It turned out that he was helping to organize the flight. Deep down, I knew the angels had been hired when I saw his face. Best of all, our son got to sit in the captain’s seat in the cockpit! We found out that our flight was meant to be canceled, but somehow never was. We ended up being one of the only planes to land in icy Atlanta, which had shut down completely that night.

But, we still had the seemingly impossible drive home. The newly iced highways had a feel of armageddon, and let me be honest, I was scared, people. No snowy roads ever looked so bad. I faced some fears that night, mostly revolving around our precious children in the back seat, but, I heard from within, “be a passenger and have faith.” I put myself completely in the hands of the universe on that never-ending drive (and my amazing husband without 4wd!) and I let go.

I know it was just a ride from the airport, but it felt dramatic. It felt incredibly alive and present, and I experienced an inner assurance of safety that transcended physical circumstances. Needless to say, we finally reached our skating rink, I mean driveway, and our beloved, house-bound pets in need. It felt impossible to be home. It kind of was.

I woke up the next morning revitalized and liberated from some old patterns of fear and control (“safe” has been a popular mantra of mine.). I was full to the brim with energy and gratitude. My faith in help from above is forever strong from my little adventure, and with all my runaway fears about our future, it is warmly welcome.

I think going with the flow is about being on a higher frequency where love replaces fear, where joy and play abound, and where anything is possible. My dear friend Donna had a similar travel story during this snow storm, and we both want to stay in that higher frequency. One of my New Year resolutions is to practice flow as much as possible and choose a higher frequency always. So let’s go with the flow amazing friends!

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